They are made in rolls of thermal paper for their later printing in portable printers (dataphones).

  • The roll of protected thermal paper guarantees the durability and maintenance of the later printing.
  • The printing with security inks guarantee the product authenticity.
  • The option of two-sided printing allows all kind of branding actions: advertising campaigns, messages of solidarity, events, sponsorship…

Our commercial technicians will always advise you the best solution and finishes according to your needs.

In Ovelar we know the importance of colour, essential to represent a brand and the image you want to transmit, so we are very careful and guarantee the quality and the finish.


  • Offset printing up to 6 colours plus 1 colour in flexography.
  • Correlative numbering.
  • Variable printing.
  • Security inks.
  • Rolls of paper in different weights, measures and lengths.
  • Pattern printing in roll (according to the metric need of the customer).

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