Our commitment to the Environment and to future generations leads us to control raw materials and waste produced by our own activity. OVELAR, always looking for the newest and more respectful solutions for the environment preservation, involves all levels of the organization, through a continuous training and awareness of workers and establishing exacting goals in order to minimize our environmental impact.

Since July 2014 we have the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.

Our tools are training, dynamism and motivation. The great Ovelar’s team involvement in achieving our environmental aims contributes to get a sustainable growth and to offer an added value to our customers and suppliers.

OVELAR assumes and complies with the principles of its Environmental Management Policy, which are:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: prevent, control and minimize the impact of the activity on the environment.
  2. Mainstreaming: environmental commitment extends to all areas of the organization.
  3. Leadership: proactive participation in associations and other groups of interest.
  4. Balanced results: promoted by a sustainable business model based on the balance between its growth and the impact of its activity.
  5. Added value for customers: transmitted to customers through a sustainable production and consumption.
  6. Management: definition of environmental indicators to measure the performance and to establish improvement goals.
  7. People: OVELAR SA communicates forms and provides the necessary means to fulfil our Environmental Management Policy.
  8. Innovation: a continuous search for ideas and technologies to use natural resources and to prevent pollution.
  9. Partnerships: common sustainability policies and initiatives with suppliers and customers. Management and industry associations.
  10. Legality: it will be applied not only the current legal framework, but other reference frameworks that may affect us are taken into account.